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The much-anticipated Tesco Extra store in Newtownards is due to open its doors to the public on Monday 3 October and as well as offering an expansive range of products across numerous departments from food to fashion and books to beauty, the superstore represents an innovative and environmentally friendly approach to retail construction.

The store is one of the largest Tesco stores in Northern Ireland at 64,000 sq ft and more than 300 people will be employed there, with 107 new jobs being created. Commenting on the creation of new jobs at the store, Stephen Cochrane, Tesco Stores’ Director said:

“We are delighted to be opening one of the largest and most innovative Tesco stores in Northern Ireland, here in Newtownards and to be bringing employment to the area. We have been able to bring 200 current Tesco employees with us to Tesco Extra Newtownards and are employing a further 107 new staff. This is in addition to employing over 250 construction workers during the construction of the new store. We had a huge amount of interest in the jobs that we have created here and are confident that we have selected a team that will deliver the highest standards of customer care to everyone who shops with us.”

Significant measures have been taken to ensure it is environmentally-friendly. The external surface of the Tesco Extra in Newtownards is a timber/steel hybrid frame, including timber cladding which is a 100% sustainable material, and so looks completely different to the usual superstore exterior.

Other characteristics of the store include roof lights which allow natural light to illuminate the store and, when combined with high level windows along the side of the unit, reduce energy consumption. Where artificial lighting has been used, the lights are dimmed and zoned, saving on electricity. In addition, mixed mode ventilation systems have been incorporated which use natural air movement to ventilate the store, cutting down electricity consumption.

The new store’s fridges and freezers will use new, natural refrigeration technology that will not add to global warming as they are cooled with carbon dioxide which is significantly less damaging than traditional fridge gases.

The store will also employ low-carbon technologies that help reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, Tesco Extra Newtownards will generate its own electricity using a combined heat and power plant which collects ‘waste’ heat ie heat that is generated as a by-product of electricity generation, turning it into energy used to heat space and water.

Shoppers will also be encouraged to make use of the store’s recycling facilities with collection points for bags, phones, batteries and ink cartridges. In addition, Tesco transport packaging will also go into a compactor to reduce landfill usage.

Bernard Owens, Tesco Store Development Manager says:

“At Tesco, we are very aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible and every measure has been taken to ensure that this store maximises opportunities to reduce energy consumption. By using sustainable materials and making the best use of natural light and the wind, we are reducing the store’s impact on the environment.

“Tesco Extra Newtownards is an excellent example of how a commercial property can also meet the highest standards of sustainable architecture and design. We hope that the measures we have put in place will not only help to minimise the store’s impact on the environment but also provide an outstanding shopping experience for our customers,” Bernard concluded.



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